About Neelima

Neelima has over a decade of experience in all things writing. She has written two books - a paranormal romance novella called Unsettled where she bridges the gap between fiction and poetry and A Complete Guide to Job Placement, a book for students who are moving out of the campus to the corporate world. Right now, a fantasy novel is in the works.

This university topper holds an M. Phil degree and is alumna at the University of East Anglia (UEA) Creative Writing Workshop. She has contributed literary articles, interviews, book reviews and poems to several publications. She started her career as a language editor at Macmillan India Ltd. She moved on to teaching students literature, Communicative English and General English at the graduate level. Her love of teaching continues. She is the founder of the creative writing workshop, the Young Author Program (YAP).

Currently she edits fiction and non-fiction and assists authors with the publishing process at Pothi.com. She lives in Bangalore with her family.

Read some of her work:

Poems at Veils, Haloes & Shackles, The Cider Press Review, the RIC Journal.
Work inspired by her boys and motherhood.
Reviews of Ram 2050, Native Believer, Geography of Tongues



The Young Author Program (YAP) Anthologies


About Young Author Program (YAP)

Neelima has conceptualized and designed the Young Author Program (YAP), a creative writing workshop designed to teach children in the age range of 8 -16 years to write their own stories. She mentors budding young writers and helps them implement fiction tools for effective characterization, world-building and plotting. The program is certified by Pothi.com, a self-publishing company based in Bangalore.


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